Alaska's Outer Islands & Russia: Jun 25—Jul 09, 2007

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Departs: Anchorage, Alaska
Tour Limit: 30
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Susan Myers

Susan Myers absolutely loves birding and traveling in Asia. As she says, "The combinati...


Dion Hobcroft

Dion Hobcroft has been working for VENT since 2001. He has led many tours (more than 170) to...

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An expeditionary voyage exploring the Russian Far East and the glaciers, mountains, and wildlife of Alaska's wildlife-rich southwestern coast and islands.

The magnificent scenery and abundant wildlife of the North Pacific/Bering Sea region make southwestern Alaska and the Russian Far East one of the world's great travel destinations. Join this expeditionary voyage aboard the 128-passenger Clipper Odyssey and discover some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on the planet. On our journey from Nome, Alaska across the Bering Strait to Russia's Chuckchi Peninsula and Arakamchechen Archipelago, we will visit remote, pristine islands in search of nesting seabirds, shorebirds, and land birds. We'll watch for brown bears along rugged coastlines and marvel at the abundance of wildlife in one of the world's richest marine environments.

Returning to Alaskan waters, we will visit St. Lawrence Island, the Pribilof and Aleutian Islands, and Kodiak Island. We will experience towering cliffs filled with tens of thousands of nesting seabirds, and can expect to see Tufted and Horned puffins; Whiskered, Crested, Parakeet, and Least auklets; and Kittlitz's Murrelets, in addition to Red-faced Cormorants and Red-legged Kittiwakes. At sea we should encounter numbers of Black-footed and Laysan albatross, with chances for Mottled Petrel and Short-tailed Albatross, and a suite of sea mammals, many of which are rarely seen in North America away from these waters. Our trips regularly encounter orca; sperm, humpback, and gray whales; Steller's sea lion; northern fur seal; and sea otter.

The advantage of the small adventure cruise ship is that we will have access to many places where larger ships cannot go. Zodiac landing craft will take us even closer to the wildlife. We will experience unforgettable excursions to hidden bays, towering sea stacks, and lonely, uninhabited beaches.

Daily on-board lectures and off-ship interpretation guarantee an unforgettable vacation. We will learn about all facets of the area's natural history, in addition to the rich human history, from the earliest Pleistocene hunters through the explorers, missionaries, and fur-traders of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

All travel, accommodations, and cuisine aboard the Odyssey; conditions aboard the ship excellent; many excursions with Zodiac landing craft; cool weather with rain possible.