Southeastern Brazil Part II: Oct 14—24, 2008

Espirito Santo & the Search for the Cherry-throated Tanager

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Departs: Vitoria
Tour Limit: 14
Operations Manager: Erik Lindqvist
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Andrew Whittaker

Andrew Whittaker, a senior member of the VENT staff, has led VENT tours since 1993 throughou...

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Pin-tailed Manakin

Pin-tailed Manakin— Photo: Andrew Whittaker

Complementary to Southeastern Brazil: Parts I & II. Focuses on the many Atlantic Forest endemics of Espirito Santo, with special search for the Cherry-throated Tanager; loads of endemic parrots, cotingas, hummingbirds, and colorful tanagers.

Southeastern Brazil Part III is centered on the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, home to many spectacular endemics not found on the Southeastern Brazil: Part I or Part II itineraries. Foremost among these is the stunning Cherry-throated Tanager. Long thought extinct, and only recently rediscovered, this amazing bird has been the highlight of six of our last nine tours. With a known population that numbers fewer than 15 individuals, the tanager is anything but guaranteed, but we know its voice and its habits, and will be accompanied by the Brazilian biologists who rediscovered the species, all of which should maximize our chances for success. Other exciting possibilities include Tawny-browed Owl, Long-trained Nightjar, Swallow-tailed and Shrike-like cotingas, Sharpbill, Crescent-chested Puffbird, Black-legged Dacnis, Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper, Spotted Bamboowren, and Buffy-headed Marmoset.

The Cafundo Private Reserve will be our introduction to many of the Atlantic Forest endemics of Espirito Santo, including the rare Plumbeous Antvireo and Wied’s Tyrant-Manakin to name a few. A visit to the charming little town of Santa Teresa and an exciting new lowland site will provide a dazzling hummingbird show, with as many as 25 species or more swarming around us, such as Frilled Coquette, Amethyst Woodstar, Sapphire-spangled Emerald, Minute Hermit, Ruby Topaz, Stripe-breasted Starthroat, and Swallow-tailed Hummingbird.

Espirito Santo Pedra Azul

Espirito Santo Pedra Azul— Photo: Andrew Whittaker

Time spent at the VALE Reserve near Linhares will allow us an excellent chance to see the critically endangered Red-billed Curassow, as well as such gems as Rusty-margined Guan, White-necked Hawk, Brazilian Pygmy-Owl, Long-tailed Potoo, Blue-winged Macaw, Ochre-marked and White-cheeked parakeets, Red-browed Parrot, Plumbeous Antvireo, Black-cheeked Gnateater, Bare-throated Bellbird, Red-cowled Cardinal, Campo Oriole, Banded (now very rare) and White-winged cotingas, Black-headed Berryeater, and many others.

Good accommodations and food; mostly easy terrain; many early starts and full mornings, sometimes with significant mid-afternoon breaks; all lodges with excellent on-site birding; one round-trip internal flight; warm to cool climate.