Galapagos Islands Cruise Aboard the National Geographic Islander: Nov 06—15, 2010

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Departs: Quito
Tour Limit: 48
Operations Manager: Shirley Anderson
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Paul Greenfield

Paul Greenfield grew up near New York City and became interested in birds as a child. He rec...


Bob Sundstrom

Bob Sundstrom has led VENT tours since 1989 to many destinations throughout North America, a...

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Galapagos Tortoise

Galapagos Tortoise— Photo: Sven-Olof Lindblad

Experience the thrill of the Galapagos aboard one of the most comfortable ships available; view all the famous animals and birds of the islands including giant tortoises, marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, and Darwin's Finches. 

Straddling the equator some six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador, the islands of the Galapagos are as captivating a place as any on the planet. Alone in the Pacific, this cluster of volcanic islands exists as a timeless and largely pristine destination, a place of iconic significance steeped in the history of Darwin, and a setting for some of the world's most sensational wildlife spectacles. From the moment you set foot on the islands and experience sea lion pups playing at your feet, cross paths with your first marine iguana, admire the fancy footwork of the Blue-footed Booby, or examine the clues to the islands' fiery past, you will be under the irresistible spell of the place the early Spanish called "Las Encantadas," the Enchanted Islands.

The best way, the only way, to experience the Galapagos is by ship. For this exciting departure, we have reserved space aboard the National Geographic Islander, one of the most highly regarded ships that cruise the waters of the Galapagos. Following an itinerary that promises visits to the most important islands, we will be in position to see all the birds and animals for which these islands are so revered.

While this trip emphasizes observation and identification of the special birds of the Galapagos, including boobies, frigatebirds, flamingos, seabirds, and the special finches and mockingbirds of Darwin fame, any trip here should be thought of as a complete natural history experience.

Inter-island cruises aboard the Islander, Zodiac excursions to picturesque tropical beaches, and walks across incredible lava fields will bring intimate encounters with the islands' most fascinating wildlife. Working with expert guides from Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, we will visit the best landing sites, walk the best trails, and snorkel in some of the richest waters, coming face to face with Waved Albatross, Flightless Cormorants, Galapagos Penguins, fur seals, giant tortoises, marine iguanas, lava lizards, and a marvelous array of colorful tropical fish. 

Lindblad and National Geographic are known for providing premium quality travel experiences. The on-board team of naturalists, photographers, and lecturers ensures that our experiences with the wildlife will be supplemented by ample interpretation and presentations.
A well-appointed small cruise ship providing all meals and accommodations; walking conditions easy to moderate; mild weather with cool mornings and warm to hot days.


This cruise may be taken in conjunction with the Tandayapa Pre-trip, November 4-6, 2010.

Savings Incentive of $500 per person! Call the VENT office for more details.