South Florida: Jan 27—Feb 02, 2013

A Relaxed and Easy Tour

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Departs: Orlando, FL
Tour Limit: 14
Operations Manager: Greg Lopez
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Tour Leaders


Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien is a freelance artist, author, and environmental consultant living in Cape M...


Louise Zemaitis

Louise Zemaitis is an artist and naturalist living in Cape May, New Jersey where she is a po...

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A short "Relaxed & Easy" style tour seeks the specialty birds of southern Florida at a delightful time of year.

Florida hosts a long list of specialty birds, many of which are restricted to the southern half of the state. Focusing on Everglades National Park, the Florida Keys, and suburban Miami, we'll search for a variety of range-restricted species including Magnificent Frigatebird, Snail Kite, Short-tailed Hawk, Limpkin, White-crowned Pigeon, Monk and Yellow-chevroned parakeets, Red-whiskered Bulbul, Common and Hill mynas, and Spot-breasted Oriole.

With several nights in Florida City, our itinerary will remain flexible enough to allow time for finding the resident and wintering birds while targeting any vagrants that may be present. La Sagra's Flycatcher, Bananaquit, and Western Spindalis have all been seen in recent winters. Additionally, South Florida's subtropical climate invites a higher diversity of wintering songbirds than farther north, including Painted Bunting and up to 15 species of warblers. This trip's "Relaxed & Easy" designation assures a comfortable and enjoyable pace to our activities and time in the field.


Limpkin— Photo: Michael O'Brien

This departure is an outstanding choice for those interested in a short winter getaway trip, as well as an excellent post-event option for attendees of the annual Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival seeking specialty birds and other wintering species that are not expected on the festival field trips.

Held in Titusville, Florida, and organized as a community-based event by the Brevard Nature Alliance, the festival is designed with the goal of promoting and protecting the environment of Central Florida through nature-based tourism. Festival activities include several days of field trips to a variety of wonderful birding areas from Orlando to the Atlantic Coast in the vicinity of Cape Canaveral. Field trip opportunities will be supplemented with convention hall activities in which participants can attend lectures and presentations on all aspects of birding, and interact with wildlife artists, photographers, optics dealers, and a number of well-known personalities from the world of birding. Representing VENT on field trips and at an information booth will be Victor Emanuel, Michael O'Brien, Louise Zemaitis, and Barry Lyon. Festival dates are January 23-28, 2013.

A relaxed-paced trip to well-known South Florida birding areas; easy walking and travel conditions; beautiful weather expected; winter cold fronts with rain possible.