Trinidad: Feb 15—22, 2018

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Price: $3,695
Departs: Port of Spain
Tour Limit: 8
Operations Manager: Margaret Anderson
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Barry Zimmer

Barry Zimmer has been birding since the age of eight. His main areas of expertise lie in Nor...

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Purple Honeycreeper

Purple Honeycreeper— Photo: Barry Zimmer


An ideal introduction to tropical birding features a stay at the famed Asa Wright Nature Centre; easy birding amid an array of tropical habitats; and a rainbow of hummingbirds, trogons, tanagers, Scarlet Ibis and more.

Most birders who have visited Trinidad agree that it is perhaps the single-best place to gain an introduction to South American birds. Lying barely 12 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Trinidad’s bird life is much like that of northern South America, but without the daunting variety. This, combined with the ease with which many birds can be seen, makes this tour a top choice for birders wishing to savor the delights of tropical birding.

Trinidad is a popular birding destination thanks to the Asa Wright Nature Centre, world-famous for the stunning variety of birds that can be seen from the veranda and on the grounds, including one of the world’s most accessible colonies of Oilbirds. Some mornings we’ll bird early from the famed veranda, where nectar feeders and fruit trays are alive with scintillating honeycreepers and tanagers. Hummingbirds swarm the feeders: flashy White-necked Jacobins, miniature Tufted Coquettes, glittering Blue-chinned Sapphires, gorgeous Black-throated Mangoes, and others (up to 12 species are possible). In the afternoons we’ll explore the surrounding gardens and rainforest, home to a number of species not found immediately around the lodge. Bearded Bellbirds calling overhead and displaying manakins top the list of our targets.

Scarlet Ibis, Caroni Swamp, Trinidad

Scarlet Ibis, Caroni Swamp, Trinidad— Photo: Barry Zimmer


Each day on Trinidad opens new birding vistas, and Asa Wright is an ideal base from which to explore nearby habitats including freshwater and saltwater marshes, swamps, savanna, and mountain forest. We’ll see thousands of richly-hued Scarlet Ibis flying at sunset, one of the most memorable visions of any birding tour. Other spectacular tropical birds possible on this tour include White Hawk; Ornate Hawk-Eagle; Red-bellied Macaw; Epaulet (Moriche) Oriole; Tufted Coquette and Ruby-topaz Hummingbird (among a dozen hummingbirds); Trinidad (endemic) Motmot; Rufous-tailed Jacamar; Collared, Guianan, and Green-backed trogons; Channel-billed Toucan; Bearded Bellbird; Black-crested Antshrike; Golden-headed and White-bearded manakins; Purple Honeycreepers; Trinidad and Violaceous euphonias; and Turquoise, Bay-headed, and Speckled tanagers.

Good accommodations; mostly easy walking with a couple of moderately strenuous walks; conditions range from mild to hot and humid.