Cuba: A Relaxed & Easy Tour: Apr 03—13, 2018

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Price: $6,174
Airfare between Miami and Cuba is not included.
Departs: Miami
Tour Limit: 16
Operations Manager: Greg Lopez
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David Ascanio

David Ascanio, a Venezuelan birder and naturalist, has spent 30+ years guiding birding tours...

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Cuban Tody

Cuban Tody— Photo: David Ascanio


A unique opportunity for United States citizens to experience, in a relaxed and easy way, the culture and birds of Cuba legally through International Expeditions’ People-to-People Program.

Our Relaxed & Easy program expands to a new country: Cuba! We have been working with our friends at International Expeditions to present a cultural and birding program to Cuba, a place most Americans could only dream of visiting in the past.

This special program engages participants with Cuba’s birds, nature, and people. We’ll explore the countryside and the historic sections of the cities of Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, and Havana; travel to different geographic areas to explore swamps, scrubby vegetation, dry forest, the coast, and the wetlands of the Zapata Peninsula; and visit some of the island’s most beautiful natural areas, from the lush Viñales Valley to the Zapata swamp and the Bay of Pigs. As part of International Expeditions’ People-to-People program, we’ll interact with individuals and their families and friends in villages. We look forward to meeting naturalists, farmers, and others, as we move about.

Although this trip is about cultural interaction, we’ll enjoy excursions with local birding guides and conservationists to find many of the island’s specialty birds from the imposing Great (Cuban) Lizard-Cuckoo to the tiny Cuban Tody. We’ll seek species that range from the widespread, including Cuban Green Woodpecker and the striking Cuban Trogon, to rarer ones such as Blue-headed Quail-Dove and Giant Kingbird. Of particular interest, Cuba is the home of the world’s smallest bird, the Bee Hummingbird. Other birds we hope to encounter include the Cuban Grassquit and a range of more widespread regional specialties.

Cathedral in Plaza Vieja, Old Havana

Cathedral in Plaza Vieja, Old Havana— Photo: Brian Gibbons


International Expeditions (IE) has coordinated this rare opportunity to interact with the Cuban people as ambassadors and not as “typical” tourists. While the trip retains a strong cultural blend, we have tailored the itinerary to add additional time in nature, particularly in some of the best birding locations. Since IE was granted a specific license for people-to-people cultural exchange, there will be no time allotted for independent travel or exploration. Our itinerary offers a schedule of immersive experiences in cultural exchange and education. It is the aim of the program that in engaging with Cuban naturalists, birders, and conservation groups, we all learn about the transformative power that real contact can have in the lives of ordinary people.

To learn how you can travel on International Expeditions’ People-to-People program, please contact our office by phone or email: 800-328-8368;

A cultural and educational exchange program, in a relaxed and easy way, that blends time in nature with opportunities to interact with native Cubans; accommodations range from fair to very good; midday breaks during non-traveling days; very short walks, all over easy terrain; temperate weather with little to no precipitation expected.