Wild Alaska: Jul 06—20, 2017

Aboard the Silver Discoverer

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Departs: Anchorage
Tour Limit: 20
Operations Manager: Greg Lopez
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David Wolf

David Wolf is a senior member of the VENT staff and one of our most experienced tour leaders...

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Geographic Harbor, Alaska

Geographic Harbor, Alaska— Photo: Jack S. Grove


A Bering Sea cruise from the old gold rush town of Nome to the shores of Russia and on to Alaska’s southeastern coast promises scenic splendor, fabulous birding and marine mammal viewing, and cultural highlights. 

VIDEO: Wild Alaska & the Bering Sea by Zegrahm Expeditions

The Bering Sea region is a treasure-trove of scenic and wildlife wonders. Rushing rivers, sculpted fjords, towering coastal mountains, and volcanic islands stacked with thousands of nesting seabirds characterize this remote and seldom visited corner of the world.

We will take full advantage of the long hours of mid-summer to trace a route across a broad swath of the North Pacific Ocean from Nome in far western Alaska to the shores of Russia’s Chukchi Peninsula, and south through the Bering Sea to the Pribilof and Aleutian islands before voyaging along the spectacular Alaska Peninsula.

Red-faced Cormorants

Red-faced Cormorants— Photo: Kevin Zimmer


Traveling aboard the 120-passenger Silver Discoverer, we’ll embark in the gold rush town of Nome before cruising to the edge of the Arctic Circle; journey to Provideniya in far eastern Russia; land at the Yup’ik village of Savoonga on St. Lawrence Island; stop at remote Bering Sea islands including the Pribilofs, Hall, and St. Matthew; call at Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands; transit the length of the 500-mile-long Alaska Peninsula; witness the natural splendor of Geographic Harbor in Katmai National Park; and visit Kodiak Island, famous for its massive Brown Bears, before concluding in the lovely coastal town of Seward.

Silver Discoverer

Silver Discoverer— Photo: Zegrahm Expeditions


At sea we’ll watch for specialty birds and marine mammals of the North Pacific including Laysan and Black-footed albatrosses, the very rare Short-tailed Albatross, Mottled Petrel, Red-faced Cormorant, Red-legged Kittiwake, Aleutian Tern, and McKay’s Bunting. Voyaging among the Aleutians, Pribilofs, and other outposts, we’ll lay eyes on the incredible spectacles of thousands of nesting fulmars, puffins, murres, guillemots, murrelets, and auklets. We’ll even have good chances for locating the highly localized Whiskered Auklet. Off the ship, numerous Zodiac excursions around remote islands and spectacular bays may produce sightings of Brown Bear, Northern Fur Seal, Walrus, Sea Otter, and Arctic Fox. On landings we’ll experience wet Pacific tundra festooned with wildflowers, visit remote Bering Sea communities, and learn of the rich history of the region’s indigenous inhabitants, and the explorers, fur traders, and settlers who came after.

Few trips to the Bering Sea offer as thorough an itinerary as does this one; fewer still provide the strength of a multidisciplined program that VENT requires for such a voyage. This departure, however, with its strong emphases on birds, mammals, scenic highlights, history, and culture, promises pure joy for any type of traveler.

Accommodations and meals on a very comfortable small cruise ship; Zodiac landings on many days; generally good weather expected with rain and fog possible.