Photo Galleries: Panama's El Valle Canopy Lodge David Tipling/Canopy Tower

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Spacious, but quaint, and beautiful, yet still modest, the Canopy Lodge at El Valle de Anton is Raul Arias de Para's newest creation. And what a creation it is! Situated west of Panama City, the Canopy Lodge is the perfect complement to the Canopy Tower. Featuring large, lovely rooms, excellent meals at an outdoor dining room, and a yard full of colorful motmots and tanagers, the setting is truly idyllic. Unlike the warmer lowlands around the Canopy Tower, the Canopy Lodge sits at a higher elevation, cooled by mountain mists and the shade of a looming mountain known as Cerro Gaital.

In your time here, you'll experience a number of important birding areas, each with its own suite of birds. You'll visit cloud-shrouded mountaintops, scrub-covered hillsides, meandering streams, and lazy, winding forest paths. The beauty of the Canopy Lodge goes beyond its appealing design; the birding here is EASY. You'll not come here and delve into the heart of an expansive rainforest, but rather, you'll spend your time following the birds of garden and edge. Based at a higher elevation than the Canopy Tower, you'll see a host of species that simply do not occur at lower elevation.

To ensure maximum comfort, the Canopy Lodge is actually built on the site of Raul's personal home! Raul is often at home when our tour groups visit, so you might have the pleasure of meeting him and seeing for yourself that the graciousness of the mastermind matches the quality of his lodges.