Photo Galleries: Venezuela: Casa Maria and Hato Pinero: A Relaxed and Easy Tour 2011 David Ascanio

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Venezuela: Casa Maria & Hato PiƱero: A Relaxed and Easy Tour


Where can you expect to see a roost of Scarlet Ibis, dozens of Yellow-knobbed Curassows, more than 13 species of passerines eating the moths attracted by a light bulb, Black-and-white Owl, 25 species of tyrant-flycatchers, hummingbirds, tanagers, woodpeckers, wrens, warblers, and the Venezuelan Troupial—and still bird at a very slow pace? Our Relaxed and Easy Casa María & Hato Piñero tour is the answer!Rufescent Tiger-Heron and Scarlet Ibis— Photo: David AscanioO... Read More