Photo Galleries: Brazil: Alta Floresta's Cristalino Jungle Lodge Andrew Whittaker

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I consider myself extremely fortunate to have lived and birded in Amazonian Brazil for the last 25 years. During this time I have completely fallen in love with the Amazon rainforest, the world's richest biome, with over 1,400 species of birds and an incredible biodiversity. New species are still being described here.

The wonderful Cristalino Jungle Lodge is one of the best kept secrets of Amazonian Brazil. The late Ted Parker found this amazing lodge many years ago, and VENT's group was the first birding group to stay here.

EXCITING NEWS! A Harpy Eagle pair has returned to the wooded area around the Cristalino Jungle Lodge. They are nesting again and incubating eggs! If all goes well, they should be feeding a fledgling in or close to the nest during our 2012 tour!

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