Photo Galleries: Manaus, Brazil: Amazon Rainforest and River Islands Andrew Whittaker

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Our Manaus, Brazil: Amazon Rainforest and River Islands tour will provide exceptional opportunities to see some of South America’s most wanted birds such as Guianan Cock-of-the-rock (at a lek), Crimson Topaz, Pompadour Cotinga, Guianan Red-Cotinga, countless parrots, manakins, antbirds, and up to four species of potoo, as well as several species of primates and much more.

The city of Manaus is positioned at the junction of the world’s two mightiest rivers, the Amazon and the Rio Negro. These two rivers have formed a natural barrier to countless birds and other fauna, causing many replacement sibling species to be found on opposite banks, thus making Manaus a perfect base for exploration of its lush, lowland rainforest and the biogeographic barriers that are home to a mega-diversity of plants and animals.

One of the many highlights of our trip to this majestic rainforest will be a visit to the famous INPA canopy tower where colorful cotingas, macaws, parrots, toucans, puffbirds, jacamars, tanagers, trogons, and primates will pass by at eye level. On previous trips here we have seen Harpy or Crested Eagles and the rare Crimson Fruitcrow.