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Big Bend National Park & the Texas Hill Country 2015


May 14, 2015

It appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, working its way down slope through the dry grass toward the feeding station. An intricate combination of spots, swirls, and streaks wrapped into a gorgeous chestnut, black, white, and buff plumage, it was truly a thing of beauty. The male Montezuma Quail stopped no more than 20 feet away and began to feed, seemingly unconcerned by our presence. We watched this amazing, highly-sought, and generally difficult-to-find species for almost thirty minutes, befo...

Amazon River Cruise February 2015


Apr 16, 2015

Our second Amazon Cruise of 2015 was another magical trip, with a nice mix of quality birding, great group dynamics, and an unparalleled ship staff. Day by day, we learned about various topics from sedimentary river islands and oxbow lakes to Moriche palm stands or terra firme and riverine forest types. We also discussed the differences between varzea (riverine forest in white water rivers) and igapo (riverine forest in black water rivers) and appreciated the birdlife in each of these habitat...

Best of Belize: Crooked Tree & Chan Chich Lodge 2015


Apr 02, 2015

From the pine/oak savannah and open lagoons of Crooked Tree to the vast, protected rain forest surrounding Chan Chich Lodge, our Best of Belize tour was chock-full of highlights. We began with a day of land birding around the village of Crooked Tree. Our breakfast at Bird’s Eye View Lodge was full of interruptions. Brilliant Vermilion Flycatchers hawked insects from every direction we looked. Northern Jacanas strolled about the lawns like so many chickens. Overhead, White-fronted Parrot...

India: Royal Rajasthan Train Journey 2015


Mar 23, 2015

More great photos from James E. Brown, participant on VENT's 2015 India: Royal Rajasthan Train Journey!

Kaziranga National Park 2015


Mar 23, 2015

We loved seeing these great photos from James E. Brown, a participant on our 2015 Kaziranga National Park tour in India.  Enjoy!

Venezuela: New Year in the Llanos 2014


Mar 06, 2015

Our New Year tour to the Venezuelan Llanos was what I would consider a typical Latin American journey: great birds, flight schedule changes, flat tires, beautiful sunsets, missing a domestic flight, wonderful people, lots of vehicles near the cities, and most important: amazing and unique wildlife. Scarlet Macaw— Photo: David Ascanio Hato Piñero welcomed us with Scarlet Macaws in flight, and from the ground a Sunbittern gave its soft melody from the edge of a pond co...

Winter Southern California 2015


Feb 27, 2015

Our California Winter tour was so filled with highlights that it is hard to know where to start. We began in an area of chaparral where we enjoyed superb studies of Nuttall’s Woodpecker, Cassin’s Kingbird, Wrentit, California Thrasher, and California Towhee among others, but it was the brilliant male Allen’s Hummingbird that stole the show. This orange and green beauty posed for multiple, prolonged views from as close as 20 feet away. A short distance away in scenic La Jolla...

Winter Southern Arizona 2015


Feb 22, 2015

This year’s Winter Arizona tour had it all—Mexican rarities, Arizona resident specialties, abundant raptors and sparrows, high quality winter residents, and a few surprises. Combine the fantastic birding with the excellent weather (while much of the country was experiencing cold and snow), and you have a recipe for success. Bendire's Thrasher — Photo: Barry Zimmer Winter has proven to be a superb time for finding Mexican rarities, and this was certainly true thi...

Amazon River Cruise January 2015


Feb 16, 2015

Our January 2015 Amazon River Cruise on the Río Amazon, Rio Ucayali, and various tributaries of these rivers was another very enjoyable and successful journey through northeastern Peru. During our weeklong trip we did experience some rain almost every day except the last two days of the trip. The rain did not interfere with our planned activities, except on one morning when we were delayed until about 9 a.m. and on another morning when we were forced to return to the mother ship for ab...

Winter New Mexico 2015


Feb 15, 2015

At one moment there is total silence without a bird in sight. Then a distant twittering from above and suddenly the swirling flock descends towards the feeders. In a frenetic pace, the stunning pink-blushed birds feed as if they must consume every seed on the tray in a minute or less. Ginger-colored Brown-cappeds, gray-helmeted Hepburn’s, and charcoal-colored Blacks all feeding side by side just twenty feet in front of us. Then, as quickly as they appeared, they burst into flight, ascen...

Spring Birding in Spain 2014


Jan 24, 2015

Our explorations of the Iberian Peninsula began in the southwest part of Spain at Doñana National Park. Here the marshes, ponds, and fields teemed with waterfowl, shorebirds, and waders. The wide-open spaces of the Caceres Plains of Extremadura gave us bustards, sandgrouse, and larks. The mountains of Gredos, Picos de Europa, and the Pyrenees yielded amazing vistas and birds of the alpine and forest zones. We ate and drank our way across Spain in style, covering more than 3,000 kilomet...

Costa Rica: A Relaxed & Easy Tour 2014


Jan 08, 2015

There is virtually no other country in Central America that matches the mix of highland and lowland habitats, all within short distance, that are found in Costa Rica. This tiny but astonishingly lush and environmentally friendly country received us with views of motmots, quetzals, trogons, kingfishers, tanagers, and lots of hummingbirds! Fiery-throated Hummingbird— Photo: David Ascanio The first morning found us at the gorgeous gardens of the Hotel Bougainvillea. Here, we e...

Minas Gerais: Endemic Birds & Special Mammals of Central Brazil 2014


Dec 21, 2014

From one of South America’s most sought after trophies, the spectacular Swallow-tailed Cotinga (feeding young at its nest) to observing a Giant Anteater extract termites (at point-blank range for 15 minutes), such incredible highlights are to be expected during our Minas Gerais, Brazil tour. This exciting tour regularly produces an impressive tally of Brazil’s rarest and most spectacular birds including the likes of Brazilian Merganser, while birding in several scenically spectacu...

Panama: Fall at El Valle's Canopy Lodge 2014


Dec 21, 2014

The loud chatter had increased from a barely audible, distant sound to nearly in our laps, yet we still could not see our elusive target. We had come to the Monte Azul lookout in hopes of seeing the highly prized Black-crowned Antpitta, a shy, rarely seen, ravine-dwelling member of the gnateater family. Twice the bird passed within 20 feet of us, but remained hidden in the dense vegetation. Now it had gone silent, and our hopes began to dim. Suddenly, however, the bird appeared in full view i...

Panama's Darien Lowlands: Canopy Camp 2014


Dec 20, 2014

After a very successful morning birding along the Agua Caliente Road and Las Lagunas region, we had settled in to a shady area along the creek to enjoy our picnic lunch. The morning had been very productive, highlighted by a half-dozen spectacular Spot-breasted Woodpeckers, a pair of Gray-cheeked Nunlets from fifteen feet, and three Pied Puffbirds, among many other wonderful sightings. Gray-cheeked Nunlet, Las Lagunas, Panama, Oct. 20, 2014— Photo: Barry Zimmer Gene...

Fall at Panama's Canopy Tower 2014


Dec 17, 2014

“Oh my god, there’s a Sunbittern in the road right next to us!” I “whispered” in a semi-suppressed voice. I had heard a rustling noise to my right and turned to see this localized and infrequently seen species (for this area) emerging from the dense vegetation on the side of Pipeline Road no more than fifteen feet away. I figured it would dart across the road and provide only fleeting views at best for the group. Instead, the bird trotted slowly down the road, mo...

Panama's Canal Zone: A Relaxed & Easy Tour 2014


Dec 10, 2014

As I compile this Field List, my mind is wandering among the wonderful images and memories of our Panama´s Canal Zone Relaxed & Easy tour. It is difficult to pick only a handful as favorites, because there were so many, but here are a few highlights. Well before the day broke, the chachalacas were communicating in their unique parlance, and smaller gems, such as the Blue Dacnis and the Red-legged Honeycreeper, waited around the bird feeders for the daily fruits. Blue-cheste...

Honduras: The Lodge at Pico Bonito 2014


Oct 28, 2014

The Lodge at Pico Bonito provides a wonderful base for exploration of the Caribbean lowlands of Honduras. On the days we left the lodge to bird other areas, we had to pry ourselves away from the myriad birds that call the lodge grounds home. When we did escape, we were thrilled by a miniature train ride (the burra), the mangrove lagoons of Cuero y Salado, the hummingbird show at Rio Santiago, the desert-like Aguan Valley, and the forests of the Lancetilla Botanical Garden. German Martinez pro...

Honduras: Copan Extension 2014


Oct 27, 2014

Meandering through the Honduran countryside, we saw roadside markets, corn fields, and raw coffee beans drying on the pavement. Today the Copan valley has fewer residents than it had during the classic period of the Mayans 1,500 years ago. Our first stop to immerse ourselves into the history of the Maya was at El Puente, a satellite community of the main settlement. Here we saw a few modest temples and some residences, as Yobani guided us through the complexities of Mayan history. In the asso...

Colorado Grouse 2014


Oct 25, 2014

Colorado’s diverse habitats held our targets; to access these birds we covered more than 2,000 miles of Colorado’s roads from freeways to dirt two-tracks. Starting in Gunnison, we made our way over passes, through a spring snowstorm, across the parched shortgrass prairies, past endless miles of wheat fields, and up and down mountains. This wild circumnavigation brought us through the native habitats of seven species of grouse, from 12,000 feet at Loveland Pass to a surprise spring...

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