Relaxed & Easy Tours

What does “R & E” stand for?

“R & E” is an abbreviation for “Relaxed & Easy.”

What are Relaxed & Easy (R & E) tours?

Relaxed & Easy tours are similar to traditional VENT tours, but set to a slower pace, with somewhat fewer hours in the field and lighter physical activity. They are ideal for participants who prefer a somewhat later start in the morning, a little lengthier afternoon break, and a shorter afternoon outing. Walking is limited to short walks of not more than a mile, avoiding difficult terrain.

Who are R & E tours appropriate for?

R & E tours are not limited to any particular group, demographic, or physical profile. Nor are they in any way exclusive. Though R & E tours will hold little interest for many VENT tour participants, they are open to anyone. These tours are better suited, however, for those who:


Who are R & E tours NOT appropriate for?


What can you expect on an R & E tour?

On an R & E tour, you can expect the same high quality customer service you receive on traditional VENT tours. Our tour leaders are known for their expertise in the field and their dedication to individual attention. We provide the same tour leaders, use the same lodges and hotels, and see most of the same birds as on our traditional tours. We have carefully identified some of our existing tour routes and modified them for a slower pace.

A typical day will begin with breakfast around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m., followed by birding until about noon. We will attempt to have lunch every day between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m., followed by an afternoon break (when possible). We will resume birding for a couple of hours in the mid afternoon. On most days we will attempt to provide 45 minutes to an hour for personal time before dinner. We will have dinner between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. Strenuous physical activity will be avoided, and all walking will be limited to well-marked roads and trails, excluding uneven or rough terrain.

How does an R & E tour differ from a traditional VENT tour?

In many respects, R & E tours are very similar to traditional VENT tours! Our R & E tours utilize the same tour routes, are led by the same leaders, and take the same approach to birding. The key differences are later morning start times, shorter afternoon outings, and slightly longer afternoon downtime.

The field list from an R & E tour will be very similar to that from a regular tour, but participants should expect to see fewer species overall. Less time will be spent in pursuit of birds occupying less accessible terrain.

Are “R & E” tours appropriate for beginning birders?

R & E refers only to the slower pace of a tour, not to a participant’s birding skills or ability. All birders are welcome, regardless of skill level, as they are on regular VENT tours.