Day 11 - Moving up the Amazon River from Santana, Brazil, headed for the Brevas Narrows Oct 25—Nov 08, 2004

Posted by Peter English


Peter English

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Cruising up the Amazon River

Cruising up the Amazon River — Photo: Peter English

Today we arrived at the mouth of the Amazon River and moved roughly 100 miles up the river to the town of Santana. Here we took time to pass through the very conscientious Brazilian immigration and customs process and then continued up the Amazon.

A local boat in Santana, Brazil

A local boat in Santana, Brazil — Photo: Peter English

Throughout the day we enjoyed a series of lectures including an overview of the diversity of Ecuador by Paul Greenfield. Paul shared his lifetime of experience traveling throughout the country, and pointed out how accessible Ecuador has become in recent years.

Sunset over the Amazon

Sunset over the Amazon — Photo: Peter English

During the late afternoon many of us gathered on the top of the ship to see Snowy Egrets, a Capped Heron, a Peregrine Falcon, Chestnut-fronted Macaws and other parrots along the banks and flying over the forest. After an hour of enjoying the spectacle of the Amazon, a beautiful sunset ended our first day in the most celebrated river on earth.