Polar Bears of Churchill Oct 30—Nov 06, 2005

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Polar Bears of Churchill

Polar Bears of Churchill

Polar Bears of Churchill

Our Polar Bears of Churchill tour rates as one of the most exceptional wildlife viewing experiences anywhere in the world. This exciting trip coincides with the massing of the Hudson Bay population of Polar Bears near the southwest side of the bay, where hundreds of bears await the autumn formation of sea ice. In 2004 we had a remarkable total of 140 bear sightings during our four days in Churchill, including a high count of 43 bears in one day.

In choosing a Polar Bear trip consider the advantages of the VENT trip:

- We have 4 full days in the tundra buggy, whereas most other trips have 2; this is a huge advantage when weather is a problem.

- Our trip is scheduled for the prime time when large numbers of bears have gathered, waiting for the bay to freeze. Earlier trips see fewer bears.

- Our trip is led by an experienced VENT leader, who will also point out other wildlife, including such spectacular birds as Gyrfalcon and Snowy Owl. The bears will be back this fall, and we hope you will make it to Churchill too!

Polar Bears of Churchill

with Bob Sundstrom

Oct. 30 ? Nov. 6, 2005

$3450 from Winnipeg