Day 2, October 13, 2006. Oct 12—24, 2006

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Peter English

Peter English became interested in birds while in the fourth grade. He graduated from Williams College in 1988 and received his Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Texa...

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After arriving in Trinidad the night before, we had the morning to relax. Our hotel was located outside of Port of Spain, which afforded some the chance to get an early start on their birding, while others took the opportunity to meet other VENT travelers and share the excitement of the upcoming voyage.

After lunch, we all visited the famous Caroni Swamp to witness the evening roost of Scarlet Ibis and Snowy Egrets. The swamp is 40 square miles of protected land, and harbors a population of over 10,000 Scarlet Ibis. We took small boats through the mangroves to more open areas, and then positioned ourselves to watch the ibis fly to their roosts. Some came to the roost directly in front of our position, and, as time passed, the sunset grew more beautiful and the roost filled with the intense scarlet of the ibis punctuated with the pristine white of the egrets.

Our first sunset in Venezuela aboard the Adventurer

Our first sunset in Venezuela aboard the Adventurer — Photo: Peter English

Once it became dark, we returned to our buses and drove 30 minutes back to Port of Spain and boarded the Clipper Adventurer.