Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands Jan 04—25, 2018

Posted by Andrew Whittaker


Andrew Whittaker

Andrew Whittaker, a senior member of the VENT staff, has led VENT tours since 1993 throughout Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Europe,...

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Antarctica is, without doubt, the ultimate birding and wildlife experience on our planet, truly unique, like nowhere else on earth, and this year’s unsurpassable Antarctic cruise was no exception! The final frontier—Antarctica, the Falklands, & South Georgia (the icing on the cake)—was as dramatic as ever, from immense tabular icebergs, towering ice-covered mountains, and stunning glaciers to beaches absolutely teeming with wildlife. Daily, during our amazing land-based excursions, we stood spellbound, simply blown away by the ever-changing beauty of the picturesque surroundings and enthralled by each unique and incredible wildlife spectacle we shared. We all quickly fell passionately in love with this sensational White Continent, its abundant nature and sheer beauty leaving us celebrating and toasting to an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Long may Antarctica, its islands, and incredibly rich oceans remain untainted by the hand of man…!

Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins

Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins— Photo: Andrew Whittaker


For me, returning to the magical White Continent and the spectacular island gems was as breathtaking as my first ever trip! This stunning biome, as well as the wondrous southern oceans, left us in awe. We experienced some of the best pelagic watching in the world off the ship’s decks! However, for me, topping this was meeting and traveling alongside a truly fantastic group of wonderful and interesting people whom I could share this totally mind-boggling experience of revisiting one of the most exceptional places on our planet.  Thanks to each and every one of you for making it such an enjoyable trip.

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