Bradley Davis

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Bradley Davis is originally from Canada, but now makes his home in the Brazilian Amazon with his wife Jessica and their young son, who is always keen to look for owls, perhaps due to his fascination with the flashlight more than anything else. In addition to a decade of experience organizing and leading birding tours with his own company, Bradley has been involved in bird research and conservation projects in Brazil and Bolivia. Bradley is a regular contributor to the online bird sound and photography databases Xeno-canto and WikiAves, acts as a regional reviewer for eBird in Brazil, and has published peer-reviewed articles on the birds and mammals of Brazil. He also authored the text for the recently released “Aves do Cristalino Lodge,” a well-received photographic book on the birds of his “local patch,” the world-famous Cristalino Jungle Lodge. Bradley’s sharp ears and excellent knowledge of bird vocalizations and their habits and habitats; his quick eyes, quiet enthusiasm, and wry sense of humor; and perhaps above all else, his gentle patience are all qualities which make him an excellent guide and trip leader.