Ellen Blackstone

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Ellen Blackstone has been working with BirdNote since it was a figment of the founder’s imagination—before the show hit the airwaves in 2005. She writes and edits shows, blogs, and social media posts and sits in on recording as the bird and grammar consultant. As part of her work as web manager, she finds—and secures permission to use—all the photos that appear on the website and in social media. Well, somebody has to do it. A native Iowan, she started birding at the age of six. But she swears she’s learned more in her nearly 12 years with BirdNote than in her first XX years. Favorite birds are raptors (especially Peregrines) and crows. She volunteered with the Seattle Peregrine Project for several years, watching the urban population grow from a single female that wintered on a freeway bridge to the several pairs that nest in the metro area today. When the weather keeps her inside, she plans the next travel adventure, plots out the summer garden, and works on genealogy, including the DNA analysis of her entire family.