Kenn Kaufman

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Kenn Kaufman is an author, artist, teacher, traveler, and naturalist who has focused on birds since the age of six—earning him the odd distinction of having received the American Birding Association's lifetime achievement award twice, in 1992 and again in 2008. Kenn is a field editor for Audubon magazine and a regular contributor to every major birding magazine. He is editor of the popular Kaufman Field Guides series, which includes volumes on North American birds (both English and Spanish versions), butterflies, mammals, insects, advanced birding, and the natural history of the New England states. His memoir, Kingbird Highway, has been hailed as "one of the best books ever written about birding," and his other books include Lives of North American Birds and Flights Against the Sunset. Kenn has led nature tours on all seven continents, and has been responsible for developing VENT's program of educational birding workshops.