Matt Larson

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Matt Larson is a graduate of the University of Montana. He has worked as a research biologist with the Owl Research Institute since 2008. He is a lifelong naturalist and avid outdoorsman. His research, focused primarily on North American owls, has afforded him the opportunity to travel and work throughout western Montana and Alaska. Matt has published six professional papers. He also has four papers in review and will be a co-author for the Northern Pygmy Owl, Birds of North America (BNA) species account. Matt shares his passion for field biology, natural history, and long-term research through several mediums: he has given several papers at professional meetings, numerous public lectures, and field workshops, and has served as a natural history guide. His recent publication describing Survey Techniques for Short-eared Owls is being widely applied across the west. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Missoula, Montana.