Patrick Cardwell

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Patrick Cardwell has been passionate about birding since his boyhood days in rural surroundings. Armed with an introductory bird book and an inexpensive pair of binoculars, he embarked on what has proved to be an enduring and intense interest for over 50 years. During this time Patrick enthusiastically indulged in tape recording, bird photography, bird banding, and regional distribution assessments throughout Southern Africa as part of the S.A. Bird Atlas Project. This was the background for developing his ability to provide visiting birders with exclusively tailored itineraries covering specified needs from “relaxed” to “intensive” in detail. Over the years his interest in nature has expanded significantly and he now holds the FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa) accreditation for Levels 1 to 3 and an Honorary SKS: Birding (Specialist Knowledge & Skills: Birding) qualification, as well as BLSA’s (Bird Life South Africa) specialist guide endorsement for all provinces. Patrick’s personal Southern Africa bird list is over 870 out of the 900 or so bird species. Now he relies on vagrants to build his list!