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"Barry and Brennan were terrific in every way. Went above and beyond to provide a truly memorable birding experience for everyone. Watching them work to find birds was almost as much fun as seeing the birds themselves." - Tom and Carol Shults, Winter Southern Arizona, 2020.

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"This was the most enjoyable birding trip I've ever been on. Not only did Brennan have the patience to keep repeating the places and names of birds, he made sure everyone saw the bird. The group size was also very enjoyable. I loved the reaffirmation of seeing native birds and learning to recognize them better, as well as seeing some new ones. This makes me want to do more trips in the US." - Barbara Sirna, Winter Southern California, 2020.

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"An excellent tour, paced just right for me at this time of life. The leaders could not have been better!" - Rosalie Crouch, Spring in Cape May: Relaxed & Easy, 2021.

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"Phenomenal trip! The ship was beautiful, clean, well-run—add any other superlatives that you want. OMG..this trip was awesome!" – Paul Koker, Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands, 2018.

Space is still available on Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands, November 26-December 18, 2022, and on South Georgia & Antarctica Odyssey, December 26, 2022-January 17, 2023.