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2014 Alaska & Russia Cruises
Aboard Caledonian SkyA Few Cabins Still Available

Our program of cruises for birders and natural history enthusiasts continues this summer with back-to-back voyages in the North Pacific Ocean. For these trips, Wild Alaska and Wild Siberia, we will partner with Zegrahm Expeditions to present two opportunities to explore one of the most remote corners of the planet. Both departures will travel aboard the very lovely Caledonian Sky. A few cabins are still available on each of these amazing trips, neither of which will be offered again for at least two years.

Kamchatka Brown Bear at Nataliya Bay

Kamchatka Brown Bear — Photo: Dion Hobcroft

The marine environments of the North Pacific Ocean hold some of the most nutrient-rich waters on Earth. These waters sustain an incredible biomass populated by bears, otters, a plethora of marine mammals, eagles, and millions of seabirds. Each of these departures promises extraordinary experiences in nature, headlined by world-class scenic wonders.

Wild Alaska with the Aleutian Islands

This program includes a transit of the Alaska Peninsula (including Katmai National Park and Kodiak Island), a visit to Dutch Harbor, and then on to the Pribilofs before exploring out the length of the Aleutian Islands—all the way to Attu Island and beyond! Highlights include Brown Bears, Sea Otters, and blizzards of seabirds including Whiskered Auklets and chances for Short-tailed Albatross.

Wild Alaska with the Aleutian Islands, July 11-27, 2014 with Brian Gibbons; cabin prices start at $12,470 in double occupancy from Anchorage (ends in Petropavlovsk). Combine with Wild Siberia and receive a 5% discount.

Wild Siberia: Kamchatka, Sea of Okhotsk, and Sakhalin Island

Steller's Sea-Eagle

Steller’s Sea-Eagle — Photo: Peter Harrison

On this voyage to the Russian Far East we’ll witness the scenic splendor and magnificent wildlife spectacles that comparatively few have seen. We’ll lay eyes on the snow-capped volcanoes and wildflower-studded tundra of the Kamchatka Peninsula, navigate the spectacular shoreline of the Sea of Okhotsk, and observe a multitude of Asian birds on Sakhalin Island. Russian Brown Bears, whales, Steller’s Sea-Eagles, and millions of seabirds are the epitome of wildness here—all set against a backdrop of scenic splendor and a rich and complex human history.

Wild Siberia, July 25-August 12, 2014 with David Wolf; cabin prices start at $14,970 in double occupancy from Petropavlovsk (ends in Sapporo, Japan). Combine with Wild Alaska and receive a 5% discount.


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