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Special Offers
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This fall, VENT will return to the tundra country along the shores of Hudson Bay for another Polar Bears of Churchill tour, October 23-28, 2016. We are pleased to offer a Summer Discount of $500 per person available to anyone who registers by July 1. The fee for this tour is $5,195 in double occupancy from Winnipeg; register by July 1 and pay $4,695.

Male Polar Bears sparring

Male Polar Bears Sparring — Photo: Brian Gibbons

VENT offered the very first Polar Bear tour in October 1980, a tour so unique for the time that it earned a segment on the television show CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt. For most of the last 35 years, VENT has continued taking people to Churchill to witness the seasonal gathering of the bears along southwest Hudson Bay, an event we regard as one of nature’s greatest spectacles.

This tour spends most of three days in Churchill where, for several weeks each fall, there are more Polar Bears than any other place in the world. Traveling aboard Tundra Buggies, you will see numbers of these magnificent creatures at very close range, including mothers with cubs and enormous males. The diversity of birds is light, but the species that remain are among the far north’s hardiest inhabitants, including specialties such as Common Eider, Gyrfalcon, Willow and Rock ptarmigan, Purple Sandpiper, Snowy Owl, and Snow Bunting.

Among the reasons to consider the VENT tour to Churchill:

* Our tour fee includes internal round-trip airfare from Winnipeg to Churchill and back.
* The tour fee is considerably less expensive than what is offered by other operators.
* We have chartered a full Tundra Buggy exclusively for the VENT group so everyone has his own window.
* You could see 20–30 bears per day!
* This tour will not be offered again for at least two years.

Polar Bears of Churchill, October 23-28, 2016 with Bob Sundstrom; $5,195 in double occupancy from Winnipeg (fee includes internal air ticket); Register by July 1, 2016 and receive a $500 discount.

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