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NEW YEAR IN PORTUGAL - With Bob Sundstrom & João Jara

December 27, 2016–January 7, 2017

Greater Flamingos occur at salt pans and other wetland locations in scattered locations around southern Portugal.

Greater Flamingos  — Photo: Faísca


Register by September 30 and receive a discount of $500!

$6,495 in double occupancy from Lisbon ($5995 with discount)

Our first-ever holiday tour to Europe visits charming Portugal, a country replete with good birds and good birding areas. Join Bob Sundstrom and excellent local guide João Jara for a thorough survey of the country’s southern half, visiting the famed Alentejo and Algarve regions to view a pageant of resident species and wintertime visitors. Of course, no trip here would be complete without time in the lovely capital, Lisbon, a city filled with cultural, historical, and architectural highlights.

Join us!


The Praça do Comércio, Commercial Square, of historic Lisbon dates from the 1700s.

Praça do Comércio, Commercial Square, of historic Lisbon — Photo: Photo archives


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